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tv   [untitled]    June 10, 2011 2:00am-2:30am PDT

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>> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> thank you. we will begin the roll-call of commissioners. [roll call] commissioner dejesus, en route. commissioners, you have a quorum.
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president mazzucco: thank you very much, the tenant. ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the wednesday, june 8, 2011 edition of the police commission. until we -- before we head into the agenda, i asked the chief to vitas and a remembrance of our fallen heroes who worked on a day-to-day basis, hand-to-hand with our officers. >> thank you, commissioner. last thursday morning, two firefighters were killed in diamond heights. has that went into a single- family residence, a low-grade house, they fell victim to what is called a flashover, which is very hard to predict. these were veteran firefighters. you just referred to them as heroes. i have called them that myself.
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it is unbelievable what firefighters do day-to-day, and they know every day something like this may happen. i think the entire public safety community, absolutely especially the firefighters, are absolutely heartbroken over this. the rally has been phenomenal, both inside the public safety community, outside of the civic community. we love our firefighters and we mourn the loss of the two of them. i am sure that a moment of silence would be appropriate, and if everyone would keep them in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow evening and friday as we do them right. president mazzucco: thank you very much, chief. [moment of silence] president mazzucco: thank you. just for the record, firefighter
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vince perez is the brother of lucille perez who is part of our family. item one? >> approval of the minutes from the may 25, 2011 meeting. president mazzucco: commissioners, any corrections or additions? commissioner chan: one correction, very minor. i was not present at this meeting. i would just change that. president mazzucco: ok, make that amendment. is there any public comment for the minutes or the change that was made? hearing none, do i have a motion? all in favor? the motion is passed. call line item number 2. >> item number 2 is general public comment. the public is now welcome to
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address the commission regarding items that do not appear on tonight's agenda but that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission. speakers shall address their remarks to the commission as a whole and not the individual commissioners or department or occ personnel. and the police commission rules of order, during public comment, neither police nor occ personnel nor commissioners are required to respond to questions presented by the public, but may provide a brief response. individual commissioners and police and occ personnel should refrain from entering into any debates or discussion with speakers during public comment. and public comment is limited to three minutes. president mazzucco: first speaker? yes, bring it down towards you. >> i am christine. i am here because of an incident that occurred. i was wondering if he could advise us on what some next steps might be after you hear a little bit of his story.
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it may be occ, but we're not sure. president mazzucco: ok. >> thank you. on july 20 of last year, i was falsely arrested by the police. the lady that i rented a house from accused me of hitting her with a door. i did no such thing. the police showed up, three officers, two squad cars, and they never questioned me to get my side of the story. i was handcuffed and sent to jail. i spent three days, two nights in jail. and i am here to get justice. and i am going to see if i confined to the officer, but i was falsely arrested. and i would like to know what the commission thinks about
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that. what justice am i entitled to? president mazzucco: sir, we don't ordinarily respond, but i would suggest that you speak with representatives from the occ who just stood up, and filed a complaint with her. >> thank you for your time. president mazzucco: thank you very much. good evening. >> commissioners, good evening. for the record, i have been a resident of the city and county of san francisco 41 years. i would like to bring up to date that i was at the board of supervisors meeting yesterday, and one thing i observed, there was no input from sfpd ion terms of how many policemen would be on treasure island once the new housing developments are in
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place, the new structures are in place, and what that would cost in terms of patrol cars, etc. no one brought up the issue, and i attempted to bring up the issue, and i was cut off the second time around. my request here, what will be the course of the san francisco police department to patrol treasure island as it gets developed in the next five, eight years? how many policemen will be assigned to that, and what will be the general cost on an annual basis for patrolling and protecting treasure island and mare island. as the complex comes on line. it will be larger and larger and larger as they build housing, etc. i think that should be on the agenda to be discussed and brought up by the sfpd. that is all i have to say on the
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subject. thank you for your time. president mazzucco: thank you. next speaker? >> good evening. my name is eric. i'm following up on last week. when the harassment on me began, i knew right away that i was in over my head. there was a conspiracy involving a large number of people who were trained in what they were doing, and they are particularly trained in the use of plausible deniability. they made me fear for my life, the safety of my family. i went to the san francisco police department, and prove detrimental to my calls. i was left alone to deal with this, and when you are under that kind of pressure, for extended time, i don't care if your james bond, you'll have a negative reaction to it. when i did, it gave the san
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francisco police department the chance to use the 5150 code to transport made to a psychiatric facility against my will. up till this time, i had no history of mental illness. i had a successful career as an accountant. in april, when this started, i did not know who or what, who was harassing me or why. i did not find out who is behind it and then i found out why. i was transported to a psychiatric unit, talking to a psychiatrist. he asked me what was going on and i tell him. he asked who was behind it, and i don't know. i did not. he asked me why they were doing it and i said i don't know. if you are. in that situation, it ends with you being diagnosed. i was in the time frame that i knew the police were behind the harassment and i was once again forced to speak to a psychiatrist against my will.
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here i am with no criminal history, talking to a psychiatrist on the 5150 code violation, and telling him the police are out to get me and i don't know why. well, my goose was cooked. i was diagnosed permanently. when i found out why the police were harassing me, i was already on permanent disability. my file was a foot thick and nobody cared. i told the sec about the diagnosis -- i told the sec about the diagnosis for two reasons. number one, i felt it would be alarmed that i transported to the psychiatric unit by the same people who were harassing me because i had a negative reaction to the rest of it. at second, as a person with a mental-health diagnosis, however unjust i feel it is, and as a person was been confined to a
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psychiatric facility on three different occasions by sf p.d., i have been stripped of my second amendment rights. i thought that would expand the imports of what is going on here. -- i thought that would expand the importance of what is going on here. can i have a little more? president mazzucco: i think your time is up, sir. i apologize. next speaker? >> good evening, commissioners, director, chief. i have not been here since the chief was selected to be chief, and i want to again thank you for the process that followed. i know was an arduous process, and i congratulate the chief. i let you know that we look forward to continuing our collaborative labor relations with the department and being able to express some concerns
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that we may have and working collaboratively to make the department run. thank you again, everyone, and congratulations. president mazzucco: thank you. any further public comment? hearing none, please call the next line item. >> item 3, reports and announcements. 3-a is the chief report, report on crime statistics, review of recent activities, status update regarding community policing, and update regarding district station commanding officers. president mazzucco: thank you, good evening, chief. >> my report is much the same as last week. violent crime remains down nearly 10%. property crime remains relatively flat. crime overall remains relatively flat, plus or minus a couple percentage points. we did suffer a homicide -- i should say a passing this week.
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the actual shooting occurred in may, but the victim of the shooting past this last week. actually, was in the adjacent room to the firefighter valerio, so we got to speak a little bit with the family of this young man, too. we believe the shooting to be gang-related and the investigation is ongoing. we had an officer-involved shooting yesterday on buena vista east, in the park district, where a wanted bank robbery suspect in southern california had been in a stolen car, was located. we received information from the fbi as to the bank robberies. there was a simulated done in one of the robberies. the suspect had tried to use vehicle as a weapon on two occasions against officers, no officers were injured. on this particular occasion, about 5:20 at night, after the
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special investigations officers stood down from posted surveillance, the plant closed officers were driving by, this all the reverse lights go on and on the car, they pulled in. it they took what they believe to be sound tactical positions, gave several orders to stop, identified themselves as police, as corroborated by witnesses. the suspect, acting as he had twice before in southern california, but the vehicle in reverse and used it as a weapon to go directly at sergeant ryan. ryan, pinned between his vehicle and the suspect vehicle and no way to get out, fired his weapon. the suspect then put the car into drive, hitting the passenger door of the officer's vehicle against it, and went off officer lopu, who had to jump on
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the cars for fear of being crushed as the suspect advanced. several more rounds were fired. the advance stopped. the suspect passed away at the hospital. he was also found to be wanted on a u.s. marshals warrant for extortion. never a good thing when anybody loses their life, but in this instance, it appears so far, again, the investigation ongoing, that the officers had to use their firearms in defense of their own lives, and the vehicle was being used as a weapon. with regard to whether activities, i was asked for a community policing report. we are convening a committee that the first meeting next week. the public and the police will be engaging, as many officers as possible in the process,
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commissioners are invited. we will have public meetings, and we hope to have a draft general order for the first time in my 30 years to this commission to make community policing policy for the san francisco police department. and then i think the last thing folks were curious about was the realignment of station captains. capt. takini is now the captain of the central station, replacing now deputy chief kevin cashman. the captain has an extensive history in the police department. he was a prior capt. at center, he has been tactical, narcotics, commander, deputy chief. he is very welcome to buy the northeast community. the other capt. replaces capt. favio. i have been spending a lot of time with paul.
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he has hit the ground running and as well-received by the community. he was a fabulous community policing capt. at ingleside camera -- at ingleside, 40 years in the police spot. he has done investigations over four decades of service and he will be out dancing -- outstanding. keep stanford has gone in as the captain of the richmond station. -- keith stanford has gone in as the captain of the richmond station. he is active in the committee, and then captain dan mahoney has gone to ingleside station, very strong background in administration and investigation, which will help their station investigation team. he will pick up on the experience of the station, and
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there has already been one great story, if i could get your indulgence. he was meeting with his district supervisor, meeting with supervisor cohen and his assistant had a $3, for dollar latte from an establishment that i will not plug here and that spilled. she was upset, and captain mahoney help her clean that up. he asked to be excused, they did not know where he went, and he came back 10 minutes later with the exact same cup of coffee for her assistance, so he is now in tremendous standing with supervisor cohen's office. none of us are surprised because he is always the gentleman. those are the captains of the stations. i am happy to bring all of the station captains, if you want, to put names to faces.
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>> the photographs will be on the website with each station, right? >> the art already, online. president mazzucco: great, thank you, chief. any questions? >> could you announce the time the date of the community policing form? >> i don't have the date and time but i could get that to the commissioner straightaway. also, my staff is working on right now using the model we had used before to convene the community meeting around last night's shooting, as close as possible to buena vista east or the shooting took place, so to speak to the community, give them the status of the investigation. anybody and everybody will be invited. it will be advertised on the captain's newsletter and i hope to get that out before the incident as a weak cold. >> thank you.
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i support community policing. thank you for taking the time and running with this. with regards to the new captains, i know everyone on this commission has heard complaints from committee members about having new captains at the station and then moving after they get to know them. is there a plan in place to make it so the captain stay longer so the relationship can work? >> i am very aware of that. the only captains who moved were those who were promoted. it was strictly back filling. i have no plan right now. any planned i would have to rotate captains, i would consult the commission and do community meetings before that. emigrate, think it. -- >> great, thank you. president mazzucco: thank you,i, item 3 b. >> occ director's report.
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review of recent activities, presentation of occ's monthly comprehensive statistical report for the periods of tin were 1, 2011 through may 312011, january 1, 2010 through may 31, 2010, and revised reports from the periods of january 1, 20 april 1103, 1930, 2011, and they worry 1, 2010 through april 30, 2010. >> good evening. i like to introduce a legal intern we have. her name is emily shannon, and she will graduate in december. she is volunteering her time to us. she graduated from ucsb, and we're very pleased to have a family on our staff as an intern. president mazzucco: thank you.
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>> moving quickly through the statistical reports, last week, commissioner slaughter had a question about the april statistical report, and there was a data entry error in this reports that we have corrected. there was a question about how we reached our pending cases. the pending cases are the cases that remain at open and we subtract the close cases from, the cases we have received. there are subcategories on the comprehensive statistical report that are not double counted because they are subsets of closed cases. also, cases outside of jurisdictions. they are all subsets of the closed case. then moving through the
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statistical report through the end of may of this year, we have the following information. 66 complaints filed with occ in the month of may. through may 31, 326 complaints had been filed in year-to-date. that is a 19% decrease from 2010, the same time. as of may 30, -- 31st, i should say, they closed at 358 cases, and we had 394 pending cases. a% of the cases we closed, which is the same percentage as that time of last year -- 8% of the cases were closed. that concludes my report. president mazzucco: thank you very much. are there any questions for the director? thank you for clearing the statistical error that commissioner slaughter caught. i was impressed.
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any questions for director hicks? commissioner dejesus: i was going to say thank you for introducing your intern. i think that is important for people who volunteer government services, especially the economics of today. we appreciate your service. commissioner slaughter: i would reiterate that i am pleased to see another month's experience and comparison that the decline in complaints is running somewhere near 20%. as i mentioned last week, i think it is a testament to occ and the department and the good work the department is doing and the officers are doing in their interactions with the public. it is happy news and i think it is worth pointing out. thank you. >> thank you very much, commissioner slaughter. i cannot say enough about our
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mediation coordinator, donna salazar, who, along with the police officers, have a very successful mediation program. when we close those cases that are immediate it and i read the comments of the mediators, a common thread is that the officers and the complainant reached a mutual understanding and they heard one another. i think that is a real tribute to the complainants who are willing to mediate as well as the officers. president mazzucco: that is true, thank you. item three c? >> commission reports, commission president's report, as well as commissioners reports. president mazzucco: i have nothing. commissioner slaughter? commissioner slaughter: i was asked by the fire commission and
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following up the remarks at the beginning of the meeting to let people at the meeting know anybody who was watching on television know that there have been trust accounts that have been established for those families of firefighters perez and valerio by the firefighters union, and they have been set up by the san francisco firefighters credit union. the information is available on the firefighter credit union website,, if anybody is interested or moved to make donations to support the families of our fallen heroes. if you could just leave that up for a few more seconds for folks to see. you can find that the firefighter credit union website. thank you very much. president mazzucco: think you very much, commissioner slaughter. dr. marshall?
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vice president marshall: the intern, the position that we have that we did not think we have? where we are going with this? >> we have been a long process searching for a court clerk helping with disciplinary matters, and we thought we had a kennedy. the turns out we did not. we're going to engage in the search again. i welcome any commissioner who would like to join me to interview the next round of candidates. we will try this again. this is the third try. vice president marshall: this is a court clerk position? >> that is right. court clerk, and cases are like a docket. we want to have it organized in the same manner. there are a number of applications. vice president marshall: we have existing applicants? >> yes. vice president marshall: people
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watching on tv did not have to flood as with applications? >> bacon keep track of it. -- they can keep track of it. >> what is the application deadline? >> it is already past. we have received a number of applications. vice president marshall: think you very much for the update. president mazzucco: thank you, line item 3 d. >> commission announcements and items identified for consideration at future commission meetings. president mazzucco: any announcements? >> the commission will meet in the ingleside district at visitation valley middle school, 450 raymond street, on wednesday, june 29, 2011, at 6:00 p.m. to hear comments from the public and ingleside station captain daniel mahoney concerning public protections issues in the ingleside district. president mazzucco: great, thank you.